Impenetrable's application

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Impenetrable's application

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:21 pm

Made a forum account a while ago, didn't notice the announcement that said I had to make an application in the Courtyard first, so here it is now. (On that note, could you delete the "omega" account, Pride? Thanks.)

My goals on Mocomochi (and Kargo, for that matter) are, in order, to make enough cash to start, then work on upgrading my gear, getting a good CS outfit of my choosing, and gathering CS stuff to use when leveling, while reselling & farming stuff to keep my penya reserves either steady or slowly increasing (although if I see a good opportunity to make a lot of penya at the cost of not having enough to upgrade my gear until stuff sells, I'll most likely take it), then amass penya when I'm satisfied with my gear (and optionally CS outfit and buff item reserves), allowing me to hopefully use said penya to keep prices down to keep the game more accessible to newbies and make everyone feel richer. I believe myself to be fairly decent at reselling stuff, due to generally having around the same amount of penya (or sometimes more) within a few days to a week or two of making purchases for upgrading my gear, although I don't like reselling stuff whose average market price is currently high. I usually prefer to sell stuff a little cheaper than market price so it'll sell faster, at least if I know said market price, although there are times when I don't do that. I can likely change some of these tendencies if necessary, at least for Mocomochi (I'm less likely to change them on Kargo, since I still have gear to upgrade and money to make), and I'm always up for reselling tips. I'm usually a helpful person, although I have something of a short temper and sometimes derive enjoyment from good-natured trolling on the official Flyff forums. I find that I'm prone to go AFK for a while when I feel like doing something else, although if I'm in a leveling mood (or a money-making mood, or a farming mood, or whatever) that's less likely to happen.

I want to participate in, or at least watch, the first siege on Mocomochi, though (if it was last Saturday, I'm not sure how I missed it), so I might find a guild that's participating in it to join for Saturday, if you're not gonna be in it (assuming I can find one that's willing to accept a temporary member who's mainly in it for the siege, and who plans on leaving afterwards, and assuming I can make 10m in time and still have penya to spare to cover my entrance costs).

So, what do you say? (In case you're wondering, I'm omega_metroid on the Flyff board.)


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